Virtual BuildAnInstaller™ Testimonial

You need installers to support equipment sales

Are you having trouble finding new technicians? As you’re no doubt painfully aware, there’s a shortage of skilled HVAC labor, especially in installation and maintenance. According to stats from the BLS and reports the HVACR Workforce Development Foundation released in 2015, the HVAC industry will need 115,000 new trained workers by 2022.

If you ever have to pull more experienced technicians off of service calls to keep up with installation demand, you’ve felt the need for more trained installers. Let us help!

Ramp up new hires quickly, while they learn at their own pace

Instead of wasting precious time searching for the perfect technician while your demand heats up, hire for attitude and train for skills. No time for training-related travel? No problem!

Based on our Virtual BuildATech® program, Virtual BuildAnInstaller® is designed to get your new hires trained and generating revenue, fast. This curriculum teaches entry-level employees how to properly install equipment, allowing you to keep your experienced techs doing what they do best – troubleshooting service calls.

This curriculum is installation-specific. Like Virtual BuildATech®, this program can be completed entirely online, at the student’s pace. Section exit tests at key points measure progress, and the program culminates in an EPA exam.

Whether you’re looking to expand your Residential New Construction business or need to support Add On Replacement sales, we can help get your installers trained and generating revenue, fast.

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