Advanced Electrical Diag.

Roughly 30 percent of compressor problems are misdiagnosis of electrical issues, leading to unnecessary and costly repairs.

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Course Description

Would you like to have flawless wiring in every unit? How about reading the Greek emblems on your meter, and using all of its functions? This intensive, one-day course will teach you the secrets of HVAC success when dealing with electrical components.

What you'll learn

  • Read Schematics: Learn to read schematics for troubleshooting and identify unknown motors.
  • Wiring: Master tough wiring topics, including open circuits, hard start wiring principles and using isolation relay.
  • Meters: Conquer all functions on your meter, identify voltage drops and learn tips for quick and easy capacitor testing.

Course Overview

Sample Syllabus
  • Examine operational principles of various HVACR components, including ECM motors, and how to identify defective components.
  • Optimize your test equipment loadout to correctly diagnose failed components, increase profits and provide customers with a thorough analysis of their system’s condition.
  • Review fundamental differences between AC and DC, three phase and single phase power.
  • Know the effects of voltage and current imbalance on HVACR equipment and calculate the imbalance percentage.
  • Read schematics and use them as a diagnostic tool.
  • Learn operational principle of inductors and capacitors, and how their behavior differs in AC and DC circuits.

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